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Catalogues and Brochures

A catalogue or brochure promoting your products and services could be your company's most successful marketing tool.

A catalogue or brochure may not replace your sales force but it will make it more effective. And, unlike a sales rep, it doesn’t need an appointment and has the potential to knock on thousands of doors in any one day. What's more, it doesn't take holidays, scratch the company car or get creative with expenses !

theBIGidea offers a one-stop tailor-made service.

We’ll photograph your products, write the copy from the roughest of drafts, design the pages, print your UNIQUE catalogue or brochure in glorious full colour and even mail it for you.

Best of all, we’ll take the hassle out of assembling even the most complex publication, leaving you to get on with doing what you do best ... minding your own business !


Direct Mail

The web may have many advantages, but a web site does have to sit there and wait for you to find it.

Well constructed direct marketing can still be the most pro-active and cost-effective way to spread the word. It builds awareness of your business through the communication of key messages to very specific target audiences.

We have a good understanding of what is needed to create relevant 'calls to action' among the potential clientele you specify.

theBIGidea offers a one-stop tailor-made service. We’ll photograph your products, write the copy from the roughest of drafts, design and print your direct mail documents in glorious full colour, provide you with strategically targeted mailing lists and arrange fulfilment and postage for you. All at a very competitive rate with postage at discounted rates.

Let us turn your ‘back of an envelope’ brainwaves into a highly effective direct mail campaign.

Leaflets and Newsletters

As important as it may be for any business to find new customers, it is equally essential to keep your existing clients. theBIGidea can help you achieve both.

Leaflets are a great way of making yourself known to a mass audience at a modest unit cost. Newsletters can be an extremely effective means of launching new products and services, and making the most of existing client relationships.

Don’t take anything for granted. Even your most loyal customers may not be aware of the full extent of your range of products and services.

Many of our customers have increased business by 30% or more from their existing client base. Let theBIGidea help you ensure that you never hear anybody say “I never knew you did that ! ”

We offer a one-stop, tailor-made service from concept to completion. We can help you turn the germ of an idea into a full-scale epidemic !!



Best not to call us if you’re still using that logo your nephew drew with his mum’s biro, or if you think your clients will be impressed by those letterheads with the Clip-Art graphics that you run on your PC. Econoprint we ain’t !

In other words, we may not be the cheapest option, but when WE design and print business stationery we aim to make certain that it creates an impression that will wow your clients.

We will review your existing trading style and suggest ways of changing or refreshing your corporate image. The good news is that this usually adds only marginally to our unique all-inclusive fee structure.


Our Process


Construct a thorough understanding of the organisation, project, audience, and objectives.


Develop purposeful visual concepts that reflect the objectives and outline the project's solution.


Implement and integrate components and structure into functional prototypes, ready for review.


Review and prepare final product. Polish, test, finalise, launch, and deliver. High fives all round..


Monitor the project's growth as it comes to life, evaluate and prepare for the next cycle to begin.